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Anna Rose Ii-Epstein - Queer Collaborator Healer 

Anna Rose Ii-Epstein was born and raised in Houston, TX but has called Chicago her home for almost 20 years. A Producer and Director Anna revived her BFA from Columbia College Chicago and soon after became a Licensed Massage Therapist. President and Co- Founder of a non-profit theatre company in Chicago since 2008 she believes in the power of the arts and artist self expression is essential for healing and self care. Much like her love and respect for the Cannabis flower, she believes the arts, cannabis and healing all go hand in hand. She has organized self-care community programs through the Chicago Park District and as a freelance teaching artist. Anna’s short films have been seen at Night Out In The Parks, Chicago On Screen,  Women of Wonders Film Festival with Hawaii Women in Filmmaking, Chicago on Screen: Local Film Showcase, and Reeling LGBTQ+ International Film Festival in Chicago. Anna is a two time award winning director with the 48 Hour Film Project Chicago in 2018 & 2019 and she has sat on multiple panels for both theatre and filmmaking.

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True Social Equity

in Cannabis

Anna has over 13 years of personal knowledge and experience in the Cannabis industry, working with clients, products and sourcing. She loves building relationships with cannabis growers and business owners and teaching newcomers ways to respect the culture and people who built the industry before “legalization” began. Anna started “True Social Equity in Cannabis” in 2020, a documenting social media movement to hold lawmakers accountable for their actions (or lack thereof) regarding opening up ownership in the predominantly rich straight white male legal industry. Anna believes we must encourage education within the government and break the stigma of this plant and peoples motivation surrounding it. Understand that the effects  on individuals will vary and no two clients will have the same reaction, that each strain is used for different ailments and finding the right flower product takes experimentation but working with the right people is key to finding whats best. This plant has more power to heal the world than any other product, if we give the power of the plant openly   to the people and not corporate greed.

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